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Their Saturday Night Takeaway show is a pile of rubbish. You can tell they spend all week rehearsing their performance down to every minor detail. it's all scripted. Lowest common denominator telly. And what;'s with that super computer nonsense?! And The vegas games look they were designed by a 5 year old. The pranks are unoriginal. It seems to rely on big names to sell - the same old tired faces. How creative!
It's not rubbish though. It's good old fashioned family entertainment of the kind that's been missing from British Televion for a long time. They effectively rip off Noel's House Party and countless other Saturday night shows from years past but they make no bones about it either. It probably would be absolute crap if anyone else hosted it, but they make the show as they often do. The BBC tried to do something similar with John Barrowman hosting and it was total shite.

And I am another person who only watches Iam a Celeb for them. I'd go as far to say they are the reason its not gone stale like so any similar show have.
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