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So I finally have got to see this.

Some of my fears were pretty well founded, it's full of bloated over CGI'd action sequences, Jackson seriously needs somebody to reign him in!

Azog looked seriously rubbish and had zero screen presence, his character is completely unnecessary and having him full on CGI just makes it even worse, he just looks fake. With the trolls, stone giants, goblins and wargs there was plenty of action to be had anyway, just another case of Jackson trying to add tension to the movie by shoving in completely unneeded additions, see the warg attack from The Two towers.

The wargs look rubbish once again. The Goblin sequence is a poorer version of the mines of Moria with none of the tension. I did like the Goblin king though.

But right with all that being said I did like it, it was awesome being back in Middle Earth, I'm hoping the extended edition is extended with character stuff, I think that would help a lot.

There is soo much that is good about the film that I'm willing to over look the bits I'm not keen on, if the whole Azog subplot was removed and the balance between CGI and real shifted a little towards the real side I would rank it along side the LOTRs movies.
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