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Nadine simply made a tweet saying it was not her decision to split and she wanted to carry on and the other girls well some of them wanted to split which is why they did. Thats fine as its probably the truth and she is notifying people as she knows media and public will start pointing the finger at her for making them split like 2009, which by comparison was a time she did want a break from the band but so did Cheryl.

They looked perfectly happy at the GA afterparty in each others company. There was a divide in the group in 2010 with Nadine, they just didn't speak for a while and it became a cat and mouse game about who would call each other first. But there was no argument just some unanswered texts etc which is nothing compared to some pop groups!! Watch I'll Stand By You on the last night on Youtube, that people is a band said that they are no longer going to be singing together - their bond is completely real for all to see. Clearly Nadine's not going to be one of those people who ring each other every day or week, but whenever they do see her i'm sure it's fine, they have different types of relationships with each other.

Of course i'm speculating, but alot of what i am saying is based on interviews etc that i've read. This is utter nonsense. Do not believe it. It's just the papers making up things.
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