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Emmerich's Independence Day, for a start. And as bad as some of his others are, Bay's Armageddon and The Rock are far better.
Interesting choices - thanks. I think Independence Day is probably the closest comparison as it's also an invasion-type scenario.

Armageddon is a disaster movie and The Rock is just a plain action movie (only ever seen that once strangely enough).

I did like Independence Day actually - hated it on first viewing at the cinema, but on subsequent viewings on the small screen, I found I liked it better. Sure, it's also full of cheesy, cliched characters and jingoistic nonsense, but it's certainly enjoyable - although no more or less enjoyable than Battleship for me.

Boring pointless cliched crap with the slacker loser brother and the hero brother, blah blah blah.
But with all the respect in the world, and not looking to start a row, what were you really expecting going to see a film based on a board game with the sort of trailers it had ?
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