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That's one of the consolations of being old.

When I told her that I had flown all the way from London to attend her tribute at The Lincoln Centre in New York, she put her arm around me and said,
"Well, after coming all that way, we must have a photo taken together." That certainly is a great memory.

Other great memories are seeing Katharine Hepburn dressed in a white pants suit, marching down Charing Cross Road in 1959. She was over here filming Suddenly Last Summer at Shepperton.

Then standing up at The National Film Theatre in 1971, shaking in my shoes as I asked Bette Davis of she would ever like to direct a film. She thought for a moment then said,

"No, but I like the idea of producing, I rather like the idea of ordering all of those men around."
Wow. You truly were lucky to met Barbara, Katherine and Bette. Couldn't find a more finer set of actresses from Hollywood's Golden Age.

PS- I can tell you're Barbara fan from your avatar name.
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