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she did distance herself from the rest of the girls and she saw no benefit in programmes like the one mentioned in that article you posted. ironically, that show introduced the girls to other avenues and the other girls all individually benefited by their experiences on that show. people complain that nadine didn't get the good media or respect she deserved, but it was her decision to live abroad and the press don't tend to follow celebrities that prefer to operate under the radar. she undoubtedly had the best voice in the band, but the others worked harder to keep the brand alive in her absence.

i wasn't surprised by nadine`s tweet. she`s never tried to hide the fact that the other girls are merely work colleagues to her and now the tour is over, her work is done. she has nothing to lose by suggesting the split wasn't her decision, but most people saw it coming and i would imagine she did too deep down.

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