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I find it very easy to shut out parodies etc when watching the original source. The line said by Hopkins isn't a catchphrase, the imitators have turned it into one. The Pffffft moment is as chilling as ever - the parodies don't have build up, don't have Jodie's reaction.

Only last night I watched Psycho - as stunning and brilliant as it always has been, yet not once did I think of all the "shower scene" parodies.

I still think SOTL is a excellent movie, and Hopkins did create a very unique, chilling character in Lecter.

It's just that after 20 years of parodies, skits and impressions for me have taken their toll and it does dilute the character. It might have also helped if there had been no inferior sequels, which also meant that the character became over-exposed and too familiar.

The over-familiarity is an important factor, because when a famous character gets so much exposure people can tire of it, and they lose their appeal.

Terminator is another good example of this. The image of Arnie wearing black leather, sunglasses and with a huge gun was one of the defining cinematic images of the 80's and 90's. Then it was copied endlessly by other movies, more sequels, parodies, skits etc...until it reached the point where people just said enough, leave it alone now.

That seems we are now going through an 80's action movie nostalgia phase and Arnie seems to be back in the saddle making action movies with the requisite quips and yes...big guns.
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