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YES! What a silly thing to say. It's to stop it happens again, and a real tough lesson to learn!
Not silly at all. If everyone who committed petty crime was locked up for 5-10 years they would certainly have to build a lot more prisons. There are people who get less for violent crime and murder. Her career would definitely be over then.

You don't honestly think that some sort of reformation would happen do you? More likely she would come out drug addicted and worse. This idea that prison makes people better is laughable. It seems to me that people want to punish Lyndsay because she is young beautiful, talented and has seemingly wasted her advantages in life - Not because they really believe it will actually do her any good.

I agree that she shouldn't be allowed to drive but I don't agree with locking her up for a long period of time. People baying for her to be locked up should examine the reasons they judge her so harshly when there are people getting away with serious crime all the time.
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