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Any scope to re-negotiate this do u think with Virgin:

Bundle Charges

Talk Weekends
Fully Itemised Billing
T V Size: X L
2 Additional V Box
V+ HD Monthly Fee
TiVo Monthly Fee
Extra Set Top Box Discount
Broadband Size: L
Loyalty Customer

Bundle Charges total
Promotional offer(s)
CR 11.00

Total excluding line rental 43.14

(You'Re Receiving A 11 Loyalty Discount. If You Change Your Package You May Lose This Discount Which Will End 01-DEC-13 )

One of the extra boxes they gave without charge is in cupboard, we don't watch hardly any of the tv channels but the kids will lose a couple of the ones if we downgraded. Any advice or am I getting such a good deal that there is no scope to change?
We are on a similar package at roughly the same price and have the same note that our 11 loyalty package will be withdrawn at the end of November..

But it won't. If they try, I will cancel as I am well out of contract. I already have 2 Freeview PVRs, one of which has internet access. The TV has too, giving me access to ITV, BBC and channel 4 on demand. Much as I will miss the extra channels (especially HD) and the TiVo functionality, I never had it before and can live without it.

At the moment I can record 7 channels at once (the TV records too in HD), so losing 3 is not a real hardship.

With the savings I could afford to rent a couple of films every month and stil have extra weight in my back pocket.
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