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Dunno if it's been mentioned here yet, but there's likely to be stuff in the papers about Doctor Who in the 1980's at the end of the month, as a result of this book. Not necessarily about paedophilia, though there are people on the Gallifrey Base website message board claiming a 15 year old had to forcibly escape from production manager Gary Downie at a convention in the 90's. (He's dead now so it's not libelous).
I posted about this on another thread as The Sun is running it again today, and it just annoys me that certain parts of the media want everyone to think "paedophilia" at every given opportunity.

I see The Sun is using provocative wording in its article today

The late Nathan-Turner is accused of targeting underage boys for sex.

This type of writing is deliberately meant to make the reader think "paedophile" , was he wrong if he coerced boys into sex, yes of course no one should abuse their position. But none of the people concerned wants to make a complaint, and whilst those boys at 17/18/19 were under the then legal age for homosexual sex at that time as it was 21 the term "under age boys" is very bad journalism to my mind. And if they want to go the underage gay sex route from that era then they will be arresting a large percentage of the country I would think.
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