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She doesn't respect the law! She drives when drunk, she has shoplifted although she is a successful actress, financially secure and very talented. Nobody likes someone who appears to have so much ignoring the law of the land and behaving as though she can get away with anything at any time because of who she is and her money!! Although she has appeared in court countless times, she does not even attempt to change her behaviour.

The judge told her to concentrate on her career and stay out of clubs and discos, stop drinking to excess etc and did Lindsay listen? Nope!! It is always somebody else's fault, never hers??!!!!
She won't change her behaviour because she doesn't think she's got a problem. This may or may not be true. She sees going out drinking as normal socialising although others obviously see it as addiction. She has had some TV work recently and it seems that she is still capable of doing her job well enough and turning up on time.

You can't force somebody to give something up if they don't want to. That's why all the trips to rehab are just a joke, its like a little holiday.

This has gone on long enough and should be brought to a close. I understand that people are fed up of what is seen as 'contempt for the law' but frankly that's hardly surprising.
IMO a judge should not have the right to tell her not to drink. What she does in her own time should be Lyndsay's decision although I totally agree she should be banned from driving.

Why should a judge be able to tell you not to go out to a night club? Its not against the law to go to a nightclub and have a drink, so as long as someone else is driving, why shouldn't she?
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