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They are great guys, but the idea its all natural is wrong - they are compared to Morcambe and Wise a lot but M&W were naturally funny. Ant and Dec are given all their jokes and told what to say, they arent funny without the script or at least being told how to act. But then again, i could name a lot of other presenters the same.
Frankly, I think that's rubbish. I've seen them in loads of contexts and they both have a natural wit. Of course a lot of what they do will be scripted but they're the ones who have to deliver it. And they do, in spades, and that takes skill and an inate understanding of what does and doesn't work. As for natural, nothing on tv is natural.

I don't watch them on any regular basis as the format for a lot of what they do is just not my thing, but I always catch IAC and to try and reduce them to just a pair of puppets spouting other people's lines on that is ridiculous.

As for the M&W comparison? Why?? They were comedians, comedy was their business. Ant and Dec are tv presenters. That they're very entertaining is a bonus. The only comparison between the two is that they're double acts.
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