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Comparing the acquisition of a human life to buying a car or a, I wont say it because I am just back from my 2nd banning, I like to post here and I would normally have no option but to be incredibly rude and insulting in response to elnombre. Pity these comments are moderated...
Comparing the achievements of modern science and technology to other benefits of modern science and technology, actually. But what can I expect from someone who thinks nature has 'intentions'.

Hang on, so If you are gay, there is a rule that says you must adopt? You aren't allowed to use your perfectly healthy sperm to conceive your own child?
That is fantasy. There is no such rule, you know it, I know it.

Adoption is a completely separate issue. Do you also think if a heterosexual couple are having trouble conceiving they have to adopt?
No I don't think they 'have to' (see my previous point). I just think that they should and that adopting a child who needs a parent is a more admirable thing to do than creating yet another one simply because their ability to love a child relies upon it containing their own DNA.
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