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Absolutely agree. But I don't and have never thought of them as comedians and am genuinely surprised that other people see them as that. They are presenters, very engaging ones, but comedians? Never. But when have they ever claimed to be comedians? It seems to me maybe your beef is to do with how some people perceive them, which has nothing whatsoever to do with them. Why blame them for how some people perceive them? If they were going around saying we're a comedy double act, then fair enough, but they're not.
I dont blame them. I think if you look at what they are doing now (its kind of the one says a line, the other does the comedy payoff, usually dec) there are comedy undertones, but no they don't claim to be comedians. I dont have a beef with them, i was just telling it as it is. They aren't straight presenting, thats obvious, especially on IAC. But its great what they do, it comes across well, all credit. In fact thats part of what makes them what they are - they arent just doing what Dermot or Ferne does.

And you're still avoiding the fact that it's A&D that bring the laughs and the warmth. Not the scriptwriters who, of course, deserve credit, but can't take credit for what A&D bring to their scripts.
It's a joint effort. I certainly do give them credit - it wouldnt work as well if say you put Sam & Mark up there. A thought that has crossed TV executives minds a few times before.
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