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^The cottage story is like a convoluted plot line from the old US comedy series Soap: I don't care enough to google up the relevant DM articles, but [from memory], didn't LJ's sister mortgage her own home to help LJ purchase 'Exmoor' - with the promise of sis eventually getting to live in the barn extension - only to be surplanted by Nic? Meaning that when 'Exmoor' was sold, LJ merely repaid the money she owed to her sister's mortgage lenders, as opposed to buying her sister a cottage from scratch? Especially in the above circumstances, I'd be furious to see myself written about as some kind of charity case!
That's how I remember it Becky ( like you I can't be bothered to look it up ).
And she wonders why her family don't bother with her.Nasty witch.
I took the visitor to be someone she was interviewing as a potential employee,( ie some work experience kid from London).I may have guessed that completely wrong though.
Remember she has NO friends.
The alcoholic tale is a complete load of bull,made to make us think that it's time for RS to get the boot.Mentioning her sister again...priceless

eta,is that 3 sisters she has let down?

1, Lost her son but LJ didn't bother to visit Aus,even though she planned to go there with RS,( Got a Dreary out of the funeral though).
2 Forever tells the world she is alcoholic and alone.
3.Forever tells the world what a scrounging cottage stealer she is. ( with her son who scrounges Ipads for LJ to spy on Nirps.)
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