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Exactly. If characters like this applied through normal adoption channels they would not get past first base. I deeply despise this cash-for-birth industry and I include Mr and Mrs Elton Furnish in that too. Adoption through proving your worth as parent material yes...renting a womb and buying a baby...
I just cannot believe that people who happily and DELIBERATELY deny their baby the love and security of his/her mother, especially in the formative years, can truly have the child's best interests at heart...only their own.

I waited a long time to have children, as I didn't meet my husband until my mid thirties. If I hadn't met him, I wouldn't have had children, as no way would I deliberately choose to deny my precious children the love of a father.

But no one really seems bothered that these men are happy to deny their children a MOTHER of all things??!! One of the most, if not THE most, important figures a child can have in his/her life.

But as long as they get their baby, right...So utterly selfish.
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