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it's almost like you are claiming M&W weren't scripted to the nth degree. Google them, please. They were fantastic but please don't run away with the idea that almost all of their funny interraction wasn't scripted to within an inch of its life.
People like Braben and Cryer? Yes, but they were collaborating with M&W. Ant & Dec don't collaborate on that side, although they may have done in the early days.

It's not about slagging them off - they are talented and there is more to it than autocue. Whoever has been writing for them over the last few years has definitely studied the great double acts though and they may well have done some of that themselves too. It's a carefully crafted act and they carry it off brilliantly. Someone was obviously working with them around the time of Pop Idol or possibly a bit after teaching them comedy timing and expressions because they didn't seem to have it down as well before.
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