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BIB: Oh it's trash, but you still come looking.

The 'intention' is to say nasty things to someone who makes a living (cash) from making other people miserable.

I support gay surrogacy, I thought the surrogate agencies checked gays out for suitability, obviously not in this case.

I know a gay couple who are doing it right now, they are expecting twins - different sperm, but same egg donor.
To be fair, I hate Perez and I only came looking because I saw his name in the title.

Fair enough if people want to say horrible things about him, but that's not what I was complaining about. I was talking about the more general points being made about gay people having children and some of the bizarre comments e.g reference to 'Mr & Mrs Elton Furnish' (whoever the hell they are) and the comment:

He's gay, nature did not intend for him to have an option...
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