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In the calm before the storm...something struck be about the Yewtree and HMIC reports.

Those reports were produced amongst much online speculation that Jimmy Savile was the head of a national of paedophile ring delivering children to the powerful and well known, but their appears to be no supporting evidence in the reports.

Yewtree recieved 450 claims relating to Jimmy Savile via 12 'pathways' ie children's charities, ITV, BBC, media, police, NHS etc. With so many organisations involved it would be impossible to operate a cover up, without the whistle being blown.

Yewtree states, 'victims' accounts show that offences were normally opportunistic' that there was no clear evidence Savile operated within a paedophile ring, although he may have been part of an informal network.

The examples given in the reports show Savile acting alone, and mostly they are one-offs ie. there is no further contact. There appears to be no claims of Savile transporting children across country for others to abuse.

With 600 claims collated by Yewtree there appears not to have been a coordinated local or national paedophile ring.

(I'm aware of the cub scout and Leisha Brookes media claims and am suprised they don't seem to feature in the Yewtree, HMIC or CPS reports as evidence of a ring operating.)
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