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While I'm here....

Was anyone else disturbed by some of the sources of evidence Drusilla Sharpling, author of the HMIC report seemed to take as fact? I'm concerned as she was formerly a chief prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service.

In one instance she appears to say she read it on the internet so it's likely to be true...

...a short search of the internet reveals that there are newspaper reports indicating Savile was interviewed by West Yorkshire Police in 1958; that he was scheduled to appear in court regarding allegations that he was in some way involved in the sexual abuse of young girls;
I was left thinking she was referring to reports in the press at the time, but later she states...

National and local newspapers (both in hard copy form and in their on-line editions) have reported allegations about Savile dating back as far as 1958 when it is claimed he was interviewed under caution by West Yorkshire Police.
Which looks like current newspapers possibly reporting what they have read on a shape shifting lizard website, without any investigation by those papers?

Only this week the Sun reported a police investigation, but the next day the Mail reported the police completely denied the story.
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