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Malliday said: "I hope that anytime this smug, self-satisfied snob, who for years has taken such obvious glee in ridiculing and insulting others for their faults, misfortunes and opinions, decides to have a dig at somebody in future he gets reminded of just how much of a creep we all now know him to be."

I pointed out that the kind of people Brigstocke tends to take glee in ridiculing are - from what I've seen - people who have suffered far larger moral lapses than his, and despite his own nasty, selfish activities, I don't think 'but you cheated on your wife' would be much of a retort for them.

You said "We aren't talking about rapists, murderers or corrupt bankers."

My point is, yes we are, because those are the type of people Brigstocke tends to ridicule, not other comedians.
I agree - and it seems that a few right wing people on here are taking the opportunity to say he was no right to critise others when he's less than perfect. Adulterers pretty much span the spectrum of politics. It has been said most US Presidents of both parties had mistresses. Sadly celebs are just exposed to too much temptation and a lot succumb.

I agree he's behaved very badly and deserves to be orally pilloried for it but I still think he has the right to satirise greedy bankers, wife-beaters and bigots who have do a lot more harm than he has especially if some people find it funny. I'm on the fence - some of his stuff is funny and thought provoking but I disliked him for a long time because of 'We are History' which I thought was utter pants. He is a tad smug and I'm not surprised he wasn't pleasant to work for although him being an adulterer does surprise me. Disapointed that Mitch Benn and Hugh Dennis weren't liked though I always liked them.
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