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Good riddance (from a purely personal point of view). I've always detested the tedious old dad-rock that he's been inflicting on the airwaves since he was a 50-year-old-looking 25-year-old.
What a ridiculous post, you must be one of those of likes to see their name of threads even when you have bugger all to contribute.

Why "good riddance"?, have you not bothered to actually find out what the thread's all about. You clearly don't listen to any of Bob's shows so why bother to add your pointless thoughts to it.

There are few shows like Bob's on the air these days, his two Radio 2 programmes are, for me, must listen shows. Rarely hear them live but I never miss catching up at some point. I couldn't begin to list the number of artists Bob has introduced me too, the number of new acts he gives airtime to, the influence he's had on spreading the explosion in fantastic country music, he certainly turned me onto it. His passion for the genre along with the likes of Simon Mayo and Danny Baker introduced me to some terrific acts and music I never thought I liked.

He is a true broadcasting great and deserves all the accolades his anniversary brings.
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