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That's a view I find totally abhorrent.

Nature didn't "intend" for us to have the internet, but here you are using it. Who is this Nature by the way, and why are they so important?

And being gay is as natural as being born white, or with brown hair, or with blue eyes- no matter what the Religious Fundies try and tell us all.
Being gay is perfectly natural, I agree...but also homosexuality and procreating poses an obvious catch-22. Unless a gay man is happy to sleep with a woman. When gay men say they have the 'right' to be parents you have to remind them that, while yes they might - to an extent - but they can only be parents if a woman is willing to give her baby away to them. Their 'right' is solely dependent on women agreeing to carry their sperm. Until men start growing wombs that is..
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