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hmmm.............I sort of know what you mean - but I think when they do show the "black and whites" on telly these days they do tend to show the "better" standard - there were many many lemons made in those days- I suppose we are only getting to see the higher standard on the movie channels now.

To be honest I surprise myself all the time when watching them - they dont have the special effects, they dont have the "colour" and glamour of our offerings now - but sometimes the "story" is enough and actually I end up enjoying them MORE because to me sometimes the special effects are too heavy handed these days - Gawd Im thinking of "2012" for example - what a pile of steaming crap that was (soz if you like it!)

Im thinking of comedies like "Some LIke it Hot" which to me is every bit as amazing as the day it was made - Its a Wonderful LIfe - All about Eve and the like.

I think its more these "classical" films that they show - and we dont see the rubbish that was made then - and maybe thats why they have a higher star rating?
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