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She distanced herself from a Girls Aloud show in the early days of their career, one of her reasons being she wasn't into reality shows (which is exactly what Popstars was). Maybe that's why she got bad press.,d.d2k
I read the article you linked and quote as follows:

Coyle was planning to become a classical conductor for the programme. However, she claims that she is not keen on projects that do not promote her band and says that the show's producers were too restrictive on what challenge she took on.

The popstar told The Observer: "I'm not really into reality things or things that aren't to promote Girls Aloud.

"I wanted to do something with a charity in Bolivia that got kids off the street, but it didn't sit with the programme."

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This makes me like Nadine even more.
Why should she have to agree to participate in every reality show they were offered?
She distanced herself from that show, quite rightly IMO, and that was her choice to make.

Sorry but that reason is no excuse for the constant bad press she has had to endure and the total lack of any support whatsoever from her bandmates.

I saw a clip of the band singing I'll Stand By You close to the end of their last tour and Nicola made a point of leaving Nadine's side to go and get in to a group hug with just Cheryl and Kimberley. Completely unprofessional, unnecessary and downright nasty IMO.

I agree with others who say Nadine is better off away from them.
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