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Don't get me wrong, I like foreign films, but it seems to me that even the most mundane stuff automatically gets higher praise if it comes with subtitles attached.
It's a similar thing, inasmuch as we only ever see the best of the best of the foreign movies that are released, and are spared most of the dreck that is out there... it works both ways - ask anyone foreign about British films, and they'll be thinking about "Howards End", "Remains Of The Day" and "Pride & Prejudice", not "Run For Your Wife" and "Sex Lives Of The Potato Men"!

Subtitled films also benefit from the fact that we're reading all the dialogue, so there's usually no opportunities to "mis-hear" what's going on... and it can also be hard to tell exactly how good an acting performnce is in a foreign language, as the nuances are lost to us, so we tend to give the actors the benefit of the doubt...
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