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Some of you are giving the pussycat dolls a lot more credit than they got in the US. They didn't really sell that many records here. The first album did great, but it isn't hard to sell half naked girls singing about sex. The lady who created the burlesque show that the group was formed out of was ingenious in that. They only had four singles in the top 10. The second album was pretty much all Nicole and that really didn't sell well.

She was always the most popular of the dolls because she was they one who said and very few people know the other girls names. It used to be joked about all the time on TV. Even with that, very few people here were/are interested in her as a solo artist. It's been that way for her for a very long time. None of her solo attempts ever worked for her in the US. It just goes to show that no matter how hot you are or how well you can sing, you aren't garunteed to have people buy into you.

Fair exchange, we get the pussycat dolls and America gets THE SATURDAYS...
Nope, we are proving to not give two shits about them either. Their single and their show did terrible.
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