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Whatever the truth is about Jimmy Savile, I for one am grateful to the programme and the subsequent exposure of his brother Johnny being sacked for gross misconduct for groping, mauling, and/or raping a female patient at Springfield Hospital in 1979. I was raped by him too but did not report it then, for the usual reasons. I do however, have documentary evidence that I complained about it in 1991 and on several ocassions subsequently during the next twenty years. I reported him to the police twice too, but they did not seem very interested. It was only after he was named and shamed in the press, and I was interviewed by officers from Operation Yewtree that anyone at Springfield gave a toss. Since then they have been leaning over backwards to assure me that they take complaints about being raped more seriously these days instead of assuming, as they used to, that complaining about it is a typical symptom of mental illness, as a friend of mine who tried to help me was told in 1991.
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