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she said that she wasn't into things that aren't to promote girls aloud, but the show was called `the passions of girls aloud`, so she was conspicuous in her absence. i am sure she felt really strongly about the issues in bosnia, but possibly not strongly enough to go there without a camera team in tow.

she did keep to most of girls aloud`s musical commitments, expect for the time she lost her passport. however, unfortunately for nadine, you cant have your cake and eat it with the press. she was quick to point out that she used to do most of the work in the group vocally when she was launching her solo career, but she saw no value in these other projects which the other girls often did to strengthen the brand.

like i said earlier, that show also strengthened the girls position in their solo endeavours, so she was foolish to turn down that exposure in my opinion. especially, considering she announced plans to go solo a year later.
It was Bolivia she talked about visiting and we don't know that she didn't go there on her own without a camera crew, do you?

From what I have read, she was usually asked about how much input she put in to the recordings. She just answered honestly each time. It was a well known fact anyway.

I get the feeling Nadine was into her music and being an artist, not focussing on a 'brand' - her prerogative I suppose.
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