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I bloody love the show, complete guilty pleasure watch.

I wouldn't say I 'love' the family, although Scott Disick is so hilarious and I think he is so bullied by Kourtney I am surprised he stays. I love how Kourtney has blossomed as a mother though. I have a soft spot for Kim in the way she falls so hard in love. Khloe is really sharp and witty and she's probably my favourite.

I also tend to appreciate how hard they all work, people who slag off the kardashians often haven't watched the shows. They have been running their own stores for years and all work pretty hard for each store - Kourtney for example moved to miami to launch Dash Miami only a few months after giving birth. Kris also (although she's crazy) works all hours on their business. So I can't really say they do nothing!
Completely agree with BIB.
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