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It was Bolivia she talked about visiting and we don't know that she didn't go there on her own without a camera crew, do you?

From what I have read, she was usually asked about how much input she put in to the recordings. She just answered honestly each time. It was a well known fact anyway.

I get the feeling Nadine was into her music and being an artist, not focussing on a 'brand' - her prerogative I suppose.
my mistake and no, `we` don't know that for sure, hence me using the word `possibly`.

it did seem a conceited thing to say nonetheless. can you imagine the uproar if the other girls overplayed their input with them having bigger media profiles? the record producers never confirmed her claims and her input musically became less after she moved abroad.

she was in a manufactured girl group and it was her second attempt at that genre. if she was really all about being an artist, surely she would have found a more credible way of making it in that industry. it is her prerogative though, but she missed out on that exposure and the opportunity to build a profile away from the group. the press did later give her bad press when her solo material sold badly, but most singers get that kind of press then their music under performs.
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