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Inspired by a post on my new media based blog (blatant plug alert) what are in your view the ten films which you think most damaged an actor or directors career?

Here is my personal list:
10) Showgirls (Elizabeth Berkley and Paul Verhoeven)
9) Striptease (Demi Moore)
8) At Long Last Love (Peter Bogdanovich)
7) Boat Trip (Cuba Gooding Jr.)
6) Town and Country (Warren Beatty)
5) The Happening (M. Night Shymalan)
4) One From The Heart (Francis Ford Coppola)
3) Cutthroat Island (Geena Davis)
2) The Postman (Kevin Costner)
1) Heaven's Gate (Michael Cimino)

If you want to know the reasons for my reasons you can find them at:
Striptease was awful but I would say The Scarlett Letter was a film that ruined her career because it showed that she could not do an intense drama. Thankfully, it did not ruin Gary Oldman's career.
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