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Becky Sharpe
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If the allegation is true, I'm not seeking to excuse Bieber's behaviour. However, [imho], it seems like 19 year old JB is cracking up under the pressure of being the object of obsession for zillions of tweens. Plus: news of the recent death threats/kidnap plot can't be helping..
The Killing of Justin Bieber
April 2013 Issue/
Hatched in prison by a convicted murderer with a case of Bieber Fever gone bad, it was a grotesquely twisted plan: Kidnap the then-18-year-old pop star while he played Madison Square Garden, execute and castrate him. If not for one wrong turn, it might have been the most infamous celebrity crime of the century. Inside the plot to assassinate—and desecrate—the world's greatest teen idol.
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