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I haven't condoned her behaviour on this thread but I do think she has been hounded when other people are getting away with a lot worse. IMO a judge should not have the right to tell anyone not to drink. A judge should be able to send you to prison, fine you or ban you from driving but telling someone they can't drink is nanny state at its worst.

I find it strange that noone else here agrees with me. Obviously all are blinded by their dislike of Lyndsay and desire to see her fall from grace.

We should defend our personal freedoms whether or not people make wise choices.
And when she kills someone whilst driving when off her face will you then say that judge should have sent her to prison?

She needs to be told she is nothing but an alcoholic plain and simple and packed off to closed rehab where she can't leave until she's clean. As phil solo said ^, not jailing her is condoning her behaviour and enabling it time after time as well.
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