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Just cos some raggy mag says it doesn't make it true.. How many times have we seen stories and then months later they admit it was made up.. Remember the "Katie n Pete to spend Xmas together for kids sake." that has just been proven a lie how long later... These mags are tittle tattle.. And I believe that about any stories about Peter as well.. Take them all with a pinch of salt
It was July 2012. The content is far too important for it not to be contested. It's all about what's happening now. Is it a coincidence then that there's a court case KP v PA/CP/JA?
And at the bottom of the Now article it says
"Jordan's spokesman told Now: 'Katie discovered that Can Associates, her ex-husband and a former friend have been providing personal information to a national newspaper.
'She's taking legal action in response. Allegations of an affair are untrue."
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