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Completely wrong. She knew ITV had to deal with her since she had PA and she knew it would be easy to take over the production side.

What else could he do with CAN TV, it was there to promote CAN's clients?
That wasn't the only show they filmed though.
He could do nothing else when some of his guys refused to work with him due to his temper issues & forgetfulness to pay wages (allegedly). So CP employed those guys & they filmed it as usual,but without Nev storming around in the background.
Did you SEE him on the one about Kerry Katona ? My God he was on the screen as much as her & was snogging her at her birthday bash....proper snogging & mugging to camera & mouthing off all over the series . I was "WHO IS HE ?????" ...... shocked at finding out he was simply in production .Out ....of....control. Thought HE was the big cheese. MUPPET
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