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You could well be right about why they wouldn't work for him - but i honestly doubt he tried. They filmed very little else, as that wasnt what the company was set up for. Its standard practice that the team behind a show would stay with it - when Simon Cowell started X-Factor the Pop Idol team moved too. I'm not saying he cant be a bit of a Muppet, and as for Kerry, ugh.
A team won't go with someone with a bad rep re wages though. They can move on .
Anyway,it is irrelevant now since Nev is toast & PA is about to air his show again sometime this year again.
Sometimes the guys in the white hats win. In this case,CP & PA both survived relationship crashes & supported each other through a vicious twitter onslaught and Nev is just a bad tempered memory.

Anyway,ni-night CS.......
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