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Seriously, there is a LOT more about them than what you read,especially the brothers.

Remember when he threatened to sue and expose his "cyber bully" ? What happened there? If it was someone talking rubbish do you really think he would he even commented, let alone his whole family, Nev and others.

Like I have said to you before, you clearly have an axe to grind with CP and PA..What did they do to you Cyril? Did they fire you? Another case of a bitter ex employee maybe??

Move on Cyril, bitterness only eats you up and destroys your soul.

Re; KM, how can you sue an anonymous person?? You say he knew who she was, can you back that claim up?? Did you not watch that documentary a few months back called Don't blame it on facebook? The KM case was featured on that programme, they thought an ex girlfriend of Mike's was the culprit, the police raided her home and took away her computers but nothing was found. It was then stated on the programme that to this day no-one knows who KM is. Maybe you do though eh Cyril?

Anyway why are you so keen to resurrect the KM debacle? Also may I remind you that this thread is about Katie Price and you have totally derailed it.

There are PA threads on this forum where you can discuss him until your hearts content...where im sure you will have an eager following.
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