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Broadmoor aside as thats a whole other matter , the age being lowered to 16 was what many others thought it should be as well, equal to that of heterosexual sex, now if she had said 12 or 13 there should be raised eyebrows and questions , but all she said was make it equal.
As I tried to show previously, in the 1960's, somethings were completely outlawed which are now legal, while at the same time there were no laws for things that are now

For example having inappropriate pictures of children was not illegal. I think it was not till 1978 that it was illegal to take inappropriate photos of children.

Although the hetrosexual age of consent was 16, the 1960 Children's Act only made certain things a crime if the child was 14 or younger.

There appears to have been discussions (1970's/80's) whether to bridge the gap by lowering the age of consent to 14. That's why the age 14 was mentioned in debates.

Coming back to the present time, although illegal so far I haven't found any prosecutions for a male having consentual sex with another male aged 16 to 18. Either they are abstaining or the authorities are turning a blind eye?
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