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Completely agree, although that's show business , show me a celeb that isn't a leftie.
How many votes do Labour actually gain through their policies versus those votes placed "just cos vat David 'I'm a lay dee' Walliams votes for em" ?
Leftie celebs waste no opportunity spouting their Lefty leanings.......Eddie Izzard, David Tennant and Adele just to name 3.
And yes, there are easily led people who would vote because Adele claims "she has always been a labour girl"

Media/celeb land is predominately Left wing, it's a wonder the Etonian boys have ever got near Westminster !
Hmm, I think you're mistakenly conflating celebrities voting for Labour with celebrities holding Left-wing views. Labour are definitely not a Left-wing party anymore. I'd certainly say celebrities in the media are predominantly liberal in their beliefs, but not necessarily Left-wing. Brigstocke is in somewhat of a minority in that he's open about the fact that he holds left/centre-left views. I don't think you can say the same for most people in the public eye. There certainly is a liberal skew though - I can say that for sure.
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