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Betty Britain
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I think people should stop encouraging Cyril. Best to ignore him if he starts again, rather than encouraging him to 'spill the beans' (and why are people assuming he actually knows anything anyway?). No matter what you think of PA, encouraging Cyril to publically smear the kids like that is just not on. There were people on here continuing to pump him for gossip and massage his ego even after he'd made those comments.
I have not encouraged him to " spill the beans" and I don't assume he knows anything.. I agree he shouldn't of said anything about the kids and said so last night.. I didn't " pump" him for gossip re the kids .. But I did and will continue to ask about any other information Cyril claims to know... For me ..and I said it the other day when Harvey was being discussed on here ... The children and anything about them is SHOULD BE OUT OF BOUNDS ..
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