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From CDAN:

They got back together for two or three days tops. He is back with the girlfriend he left for those three days. Our B+ list actress with A list name recognition is pregnant. Maybe they planned it that way. I think she likes who the relatives will be.

From CDAN:

This female A list celebrity got into a knock down drag out fight with this C list celebrity after the C lister started doing coke on a private jet flight the two were sharing. The C lister didn't seem to care that she was doing it in front of a publicist and the flight attendant. The two spent over an hour screaming at each other and it got to the point where the pilot said if they didn't stop he was going to land the plane. Huh. Kind of like when a dad pulls over the family truckster. Yeah, that last part is a clue, but has nothing to do with Vacation.
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