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Because once a tart always a tart
No doubt about that.

I agree though when shes dressing as a pink pony why does she need to do the sultry pose? Its quite frankly weird.

I have horses but her equestrian range has no interest to me. Partly because of who she is and the fact I refuse to line her pockets but most importantly, its not to my taste. If I want to be laughed at when taking my horses to a show in a big pink rug then maybe. Not one of the ladies i ride with would be seen dead buying her tack. I assume there must be some adults that would but if you want to be taken seriously you would not. Unless theres lots of die hard KP fans who buy it anyway even though they don't ride! lol
I'm surprised she didn't try to do the usual 'legs apart and hole available' pose, but i suppose it's difficult if not impossible to separate her legs when they're encased in pink fuzz. I expect the chavs who follow her and don't ride use her horse blankets on their beds.
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