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I agree.
I believe she went to the States originally to be with her boyfriend at the time and pursue business interests.
With all the negative press she got here I don't blame her for being wary about putting herself back in the spotlight here, especially with Cheryl's high profile. Both the press and some of Cheryl's most staunch fans ('soldiers') seem to take pleasure in perpetuating a Nadine v Cheryl 'feud'. Some appear to believe that if you like Cheryl you must dislike Nadine, and vice versa.

It was the OP that first mentioned Cheryl in this thread (see comment 3), nobody else

The OP is one of this forum's most fierce of critics of Cheryl for starters - mentioning her so early in the thread was obviously going to set off a Nadine V Cheryl feud

Just because people have different opinions to yourself and the OP, does not make them soldiers of any of the girls.
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