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Hang on a minute, how many times do people go upto babies and say "oh he looks like the father" and then you find out its the persons new boyfriend standing there, not the father. It's your perception. If you see it enough you'll believe it - and people are entitled to believe whatever they want.

But then we aren't going into the kids i thought, except some people are keeping it going.
No, not a perception. A solid undeniable fact based on my looking with my eyes at both of them and seeing a mini (albeit much prettier) Pete, and also seeing her in his mother. The eyes, the nose, the mouth. We even joked on here (ages back when she was very little) that should Pete and Katie ever be brought to Jeremy Kyle court, there'd be absolutely no need for a paternity test since the likeness was almost so comically uncanny!

ETA: Re a 'distinction', you'll have to ask others here, ie. those that have a prob with your posts. I don't, I didn't find your 'paternity' suggestion nasty, just hilarious!

Re the other, I'm curious, but the reason I doubt there's any real issues is that if he were really struggling, then surely he wouldn't choose to have his life permanently on show. But dunno... maybe you could take this to his 'suffering' thread and elaborate there?
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