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I don't believe we see the real people on reality tv.. Most of it is set up situations and filmed over n over again.. I know for a fact the kids n peter where( when they did the cup cake making/decorating) filmed it was done over approx 6 hrs to get it right
I can totally believe that, i have been in similar situations.

The issue i have with these two (and most other z listers) is that whilst they feel their big secrets should be protected from their "fans" they are happy to lie, fool, and even behind the scenes completely take the p*ss out of them. Yes, a certain part is the whole "TV Game" but when it comes to the point that they will flog dresses on ebay to people who are being mislead (the phrase "some i havent even got round to wearing" is very interesting there), or put their name on yet another bottle of "mysterious girl" perfume claiming they have researched perfumes when they couldnt tell a quality perfume from a bottle of domestos if their life depended on it .. well, i think its all gone a bit too far.
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