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But you don't know either of them, you dont know what theyd do or what they have done - or whats real or not. All people have to go on here is something thats been carefully constructed. Even the kids know they are on TV when the red lights on ... it's not real

I'd so love their thing to go to court so the real truth came out, but the fact is - it would ruin things for both of them, so they aren't that stupid.
You seem to think everyone on here is as dim and witless as PA and KP, swallowing whole what they put out? Do you not read the threads on here about them?! The ones filled with ridicule of the guff both they and their respective managements peddle?!

The thing is, if you know something about them, then out with it, rather than pursue this 'something nasty in the woodshed nudge nudge wink wink' malarkey which is just annoying.
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