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I'm sorry Betty , you,ll believe other things he claims but not that ?
Isn't that cherry picking ?
In my mind , if there is doubt about that claim , then I have to wonder if the rest of his claims are valid.
I don't believe him , and I think his claims about paternity of princess are abhorrent , therefore I have doubts about the other things he claims.
Why would you think otherwise ?
These claims say more about KP than PA
^ this ^ especially the BIB

ETA. Plus the inference regarding Princess's hair begars belief.
I agree with both posts above.
When we came home from two weeks in Florida years ago my sister accused me of having blonde high-lights put into my son's brown hair because it was so much lighter & streaked in places. AS IF ! Princess has had more sunny holidays than most kids her age & that will maintain the blondeness.Were she not to holiday in the sun for a year it would darken considerably to a dirtier blonde. And anyway she doesn't have the gingerish eyebrows & lashes of a ginger person.And I hadn't noticed before,but she really is VERY like Pete's mum in the face.
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