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I do totally understand that not everyone is cheerleading for them.

There is no point talking about stuff to do with them in reality - when people don't believe it. Even the Janna post above about the hair, completely false. If i said, well hes actually doped up half the time due to illness, people would say "yeah but he looks fine on the TV show". They dont understand the lengths celebs will go to, to keep their "meal ticket" - well until you see them dressed up as a bloody great big pink horse.

As for whether they have a "secwet" .. well bit obvious they do or they wouldnt both be scurrying about like mad trying to stop the case going to court. He certanly seems to think she does, even compiles dossiers!
Ok, that's fair comment on here. I withdraw my 'woodshed' charge but I'm sure you take my point, which is that only their most avid fans are swallowing it whole.
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