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Why has she so massively flopped then I don't get it.

I kind of feel Nadine is rather full of herself. She may have the best voice but that makes her failure even more embarrassing.

Doesn't anyone else think her saying she has the most input musically in G A and starting up this 'it's not my fault G A split' thing on twitter smacks of a bitchy lady It's like everyone is so determined for Cheryl to be a nasty bully that folks can't see the wood for the trees.
I don't think Nadine comes across as full of herself at all. In fact she came across well in their anniversary documentary, more I think that she's not all that interested in being a celebrity. She likes singing and is good at it, but doesn't really want all the fame that goes with it. The failure of her solo career is down to the poor material that she put out, you can be the best singer in the world but if the material isn't up to scratch your not going to have hit singles. That combined with the medias hate campaign against her meant it was never going to happen for her sadly.
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